Axel Oxenstierna Confidant Gustavus Adolphus c.1825 old antique portrait print
$ 34.95


(European historical figure, Swedish Statesman, Member of the Privy Council, Confidant of Swedish Monarchs)

Printed 1821-25, Paris

A masterful and finely nuanced 19th century lithographed portrait print. A small work of near miniature technique.

This type of printing process was very difficult and laborious, involving long-apprenticed, highly trained skillful pictorial artisans. It also involved challenging hand skills, tricky manual tasks such as proper inking of stones, skill in all aspects of production, patience, and numerous other tasks. Because of these and various other historical factors, this old printed sheet of paper is an interesting original artifact from long past era in portrait printing.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The zoomable scan is a major part of the item description. Please examine closely, as what you see is what we will send you.

Sheet is moderately and visibly age toned and foxed (age spotted) as is clearly evident within the scan, yet still very appealing visually to a knowledgeable modern eye because of this. An old sheet of paper which looks it's age without looking neglected or unsightly.

Could readily be displayed or collected.

In all, remains a charming antique printed image any collector, dealer or institution would be pleased to own.

Sheet measures c. 4 3/4" W x  7 7/8" H.

Printed area measures c. 3 3/8" W x  4 3/8" H.


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