Basilica St Stephen Rome Baptistry Ancient Italy 1851 antique architecture print
$ 34.95

Plan of St. Marcelline's Church in Rome

Plan of St. Martin's Church in Tours

Plan of the Church of Parenzo

Plan of St. Peter's before the Walls of Rome

St. Clements Basicilican in Rome

Baptistery in Cividale

(Ancient Italy)

Issued 1851, New York by Rudolph Garrigue

Printed for Heck's Icongraphic Encyclopedia

Engraved by Henry Winkles

(Taf. 27)

Fine original antique engraving printed in the mid-19th century, on quality paper which retains its inherent structural flexibility and soundness.

In near VG or better condition, Some very light marginal spotting and toning, but this does not detract from overall attractiveness of the image [note: we grade very conservatively and always seek to disclose any noteworthy flaws].

The printed area remains visually pleasing, a fine impression of an interesting antique image which will look nice when displayed.

Sheet measures c.  9 1/4" H x  11 1/2" W.

Printed area measures c. 7 7/8" H x  10" W